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アパレル企業に勤めるものの、友人に料理を振る舞っているうちに、レ ストランやカフェのメニュー・レシピの開発依頼が増え、こんな楽しい 事なら仕事にしちゃえ! と退社。




そこでフランス料理の巨匠井上旭シェフと出逢い、シェ イノグループにて四年間勤務する。


2015年5月、銀座コリドー街の老舗ワインバー「GINZA Stock」で週 末限定のレストラン『MAI’S KITCHEN』をスタート。




  • ・ミツカン商品、レシピ
  • ・てしま旅館 メニュー、商品
  • ・伊勢丹 オリジナル商品
  • ・青山フラワーマーケット TEA HOUSE レシピ、ケータリンク
  •   その他多数


    Mai Shioyama


    Mai Shioyama has a linking for cooking from an early age, because her mother ran a kimono draper.

    She worked at the company regarding apparel but she was asked making the menus, recipes by the restaurant or café while I cooked for my friends. This made her very happy so she left the job and started to cook as professional.

    Same year she opened the restaurant (without menu!!) “wagamama” in Yakuin, Fukuoka, Japan.

    After three and a half years, she left for Hawaii in wagamama.

    Following year she moved up to Tokyo because of the launch of Ginza branch of Tarafukumanma which is one of well-established restaurant in Fukuoka.

    At that time she met Chef Noboru Inoue who is a great master of French cuisine. It was a fateful encounter. She had been working at Chez Inno group for 4 years.

    In the spring 2013 she opened “wagamama shokudou” in dictionary club in Sendagaya Tokyo Japan.

    May 2015 she started the weekend restaurant “MAI’S KITCHEN” where is in “GINZA Stock” Corridor street Ginza Tokyo Japan.

    She is in widely active as developing menu for companies or long established hotels, cooking class, original product development of some famous department store, developing recipes and so on.(*)

    Half a year she has been traveling around the world to spread Japanese cuisine to overseas and experienced the cuisine where she visited still now growing up her skill.

    * Past project

    • ・MITSUKAN products, recipes
    • ・TESHIMA RYOKAN menu, products
    • ・ISETAN original products
    • ・AOYAMA FLOWER MARKET TEA HOUSE recipes, catering
  •   And more
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